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Operasyonel kiralama kurumsal araç kiralama

Human Resources

As a pioneering and innovative brand in the operational leasing sector in Turkey; we attach importance to educated, principled and creative team mates open to development. With our activities and internship programs intended for university students, alternative job opportunities for new graduates and experienced employees, we are opening the door to a career with DRD. With the value we attached to human resources, we aim to have an employee profile having a positive approach, high value-added, who can develop a multi-dimensional perspective, solution-oriented, who can effectively use the latest knowledge and technology, and by supporting the development of our employees, we aim to provide the highest level of motivation and job satisfaction.

Recruitment and Placement

As DRD Human Resources, interviews, assessment & evaluation methods and reference control methods are used for in our recruitment process. Following the transmission of the staff demand to our Recruitment Department, resumes reached from the database as well as through our announcements published on different platforms are evaluated, and interviews with candidates who meets the general specifications are conducted. Suitable candidates determined during interviews in terms of compliance with corporate values, knowledge, skills and general specifications, are tested with measurement and evaluation tools depending on the nature of the position.

Approved applicants are invited to a second interview with the department managers of the respective position; thereafter, reference checks are completed and job offer is made to the respective candidate.

At the end of the interviews conducted related to any position, applications of the candidates that cannot be assessed in the available positions are stored in the database to be evaluated in other positions. All applicants are informed about the result of the recruitment process.

DRD Internship Program

DRD Internship Program is designed to prepare successful university students with a high potential for working life and to make a difference in their career paths. The program in question is intended to provide prospective source of applicants and to meet the intern needs of departments. DRD Internship Program, covering Vocational High School and University students, consists of three periods during the year. To the program starting in March, July and November, mandatory or voluntary interns who want to do an internship can apply. After the evaluation of the applications according to the demands of departments, the interviews are conducted, the internship for the successful applicants are initiated in the first weeks of the specified periods.

Work Life

Working Hours, Weekdays 08:00 - 17:45 (There is an hour break for lunch).

Permit Rights

In permit applications are considered the Labor Law.

Fringe Benefits

Lunch and transportation service are among the amenities provided to employees. Workplace Physician implementation is available.

DRD intends to become the most preferable institution in its field in Turkey, providing high added value for sustainable growth, employing professionals who are specialized in their fields, all employees being proud to be a part of it. The systems and approaches established within the framework of long years of experience towards this goal provide direction to human resources policy for the brand.

The main purpose of DRD Human Resources policy is, by keeping corporate and ethical values at the forefront, to achieve human resources, enabling the development of employees' personal and professional competence and, having a high sense of belonging and corporate commitment, and in this way, to make sustainable its pioneering identity which makes a difference in its field of activity.

Wages Policy

DRD, with its performance-based remuneration and reward policies, aims to reinforce their desire to pursue the performance and productivity of their employees.

DRD Fleet Leasing wage management system; consists of market research and industry, the Company's current fee structure, wage policy, individual performance and business level parameters. By means of regular market researches conducted, a competitive and fair remuneration policy is aimed to be implemented. The work levels forming the basis of fee management system are determined as a result of the job evaluations conducted. In the process of job evaluation are used systems providing relative ranking of all jobs in all areas of the Company in which it operates according to the their contribution to the achievement of corporate objectives and the levels of responsibility.

DRD Performance Management System

DRD Performance System in which the brand goals are configured with department goals and annual personal goals and business plans are defined in this context, aims the organization, managers, senior and subordinate employees to act in cooperation and continuous development of them. Through the Performance Management System established for this purpose is provided the person based tracking of the business objectives created in line with the brand's targets, and thus each employee's contribution to corporate objectives becomes measurable. In addition, the "expected standards of behavior" to achieve business goals also referred to as competence development are followed and the personal growth and the level of awareness is aimed to increase. In the performance evaluation process, all employees' work performance, career plans, strengths and areas that need improvement and compliance to corporate values are followed.

Through the performance evaluation process is made an effective target propagation, and spread of the Company objectives to employees at all levels is provided; the measurement and rewarding of personal contribution and success in achieving the objectives and, by determining the competency, the planning of individual development for the future are intended.

DRD Performance Evaluation System provides to identify and support with training the attitudes of employees that require development, and in the same way, by following a performance-based process for career, to ensure a consistent, fair and effective career planning to be done.

Training needs determined in accordance with the Performance Evaluation and Career Planning data, and the developmental training for institutional competence and professional qualifications of the employees is planned on a regular basis. Training System, in addition to DRD's characteristics being "learning organization", aims the awareness, productivity, performance and motivation of employees to be moved to the highest level. These trainings, which may be internal- or external-sourced, are trainings on competencies, knowledge, skills and the brand.


DRD Akademi was founded with the purpose of training human resources, who have extensive professional knowledge, who will carry the customer experience to the ultimate level, who will provide high-quality service standards and who “work passionately”, which DRD needs in order to achieve its commercial objectives on strong fundamentals. DRD Akademi, heading out with the motto “Academy of the Industry”, aims both to train specialist employees and to enable its employees to develop themselves. DRD Akademi, which is positioned as a school that serves to the commercial activities of the company and as a center where the employees develop themselves and their career, is planning to be a training field that will pioneer the employees as well as the customers.



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