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Operasyonel kiralama kurumsal araç kiralama

About DRD

Getting to Know DRD

DRD Hakkında

DRD Fleet Leasing, which was founded in 1998 by pioneering the development of the operational fleet leasing sector in Turkey, is serving today with a fleet of 35,000 vehicles, contracted 1.400 broad service network and more than 9.000 local and global customers in every sector.

DRD promises a professional fleet management experience with "leading brand has institutional competence" position in fundamental processes of the sector and deliver this privilege to solution partner organizations.

The Largest Domestic Fleet Leasing Brand

DRD, Turkey's largest operational fleet leasing brand with all domestic capital, adds value to customer portfolio with its long-term strategic plans and a service understanding beyond expectations. In the operational fleet management process starting from analysis of customer demands and needs, DRD makes a difference by developing the most appropriate solution alternatives for the business models of organizations in different sectors.

DRD creates a difference in operational fleet leasing sector with its

  • high quality standards,
  • strong financial structure,
  • many years of industry experience,
  • advanced technological infrastructure,
  • customer-oriented service concept,
  • extensive service network covering all regions.

High Credibility in Global Markets

DRD, having high credibility in the domestic as well as foreign markets, took as reward «Deal of the Year» with the "largest and long-term financing value realized in its category by a Turkish company" with a syndication credit used amounting to 110 million U.S. dollars in 2007.

International Rating Success

DRD, offering its financial credibility the business partners transparently with passing through independent audits for many years, with its strong financials and stable investments, is the first operational fleet brand with largest domestic capital assessed by international rating agency JCR Eurasia Rating in "investable" level. DRD, showing a significant achievement as a result of evaluations conducted in 2012, was evaluated in Turkish national scale "investable" category, and moved its Long-Term National Rating to 'BBB (Trk)' and Short-Term National Rating to 'A-3 (Trk)' with a positive outlook.

Fortune 500 and Capital 500 Value

DRD, in addition to the last three years' worth of 765 million TL investment in the vehicle, being included in both the Fortune 500 and Capital 500 lists prepared in order to determine Turkey's largest 500 companies in 2011, 2012 and 2013, maintains its steady growth.

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