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Operasyonel kiralama kurumsal araç kiralama


Finansal Avantajlar

Financial Benefits

  • Instead of variable expenses related to the vehicle, cash flow with constant and regular rental fee can be planned effectively,
  • Budgeting advantage is provided,
  • Investment and credit limits required for the purchase of vehicles are evaluated in the main business lines and financing costs are reduced,
  • Lease payments can be written off as expense and VAT paid may be deducted,
  • All operational expenses such as maintenance, repair, insurance, tax, tire and the like are fixed in rental fee and the risks of non-budgetary cost items are removed.
Operasyonel Avantajlar

Operational Benefits

  • The most appropriate vehicle / service pack alternatives for the business model and the needs are determined by consultation of expert professionals,
  • An additional investment in human resources for vehicle monitoring and management is not required,
  • Uninterrupted services in high brand standards are received at contracted services widespread throughout the country,
  • Factors affecting the continuity of activities such as maintenance, repair, accident, roadside assistance, and the like are managed by professionals and an uninterrupted functioning is provided,
  • Under rental period, from vehicle provision up to the date of termination of the contract, all the bureaucratic procedures and paperwork tracking are carried out by specialist teams,
  • Obligations such as motor insurance, insurance, MTV and the like are undertaken by the operational fleet leasing provider,
  • With equivalent vehicle support, continuity of activities everywhere and in all circumstances is provided,
  • At the end of the period of service of the vehicle will not be needed to deal with the evaluation in second hand.
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