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Operasyonel kiralama kurumsal araç kiralama


DRD, the leading brand of the operational leasing industry in our country, offers fast and reliable services with its industry experience based on many years, strong financial structure, widespread service network covering all regions of Turkey and professional staff. DRD customers will also receive a comprehensive and professional fleet management services not limited to car rental services. In the operational fleet management process starting from analysis of customer demands and needs, DRD makes a difference with the principle of customer satisfaction by developing the most appropriate solution alternatives for the business models of organizations in different sectors.

DRD, to companies of all sizes from SMEs up to corporate businesses and individual customers, no matter how many vehicles is the rental demand for, offers a comprehensive operational fleet leasing services with passenger cars of every make and model sold in Turkey.

  • Opportunity of Provincial Plate Selection

    Opportunity of Provincial Plate Selection

    DRD, with its regional offices located across Turkey, offers its customers to choose the license plate of their own province with its service.

  • Sınırsız Seçim İmkanı

    Unlimited Choice Possibility

    DRD, with a powerful fleet consisting of different brands and models of vehicles, offers you alternatives that will meet your expectations and needs in the best way possible through a wide range of products and services. DRD, performing an investment in new vehicles amounting to TL 940 million within the last 3 years, by continuing its stable investments, diversifies its fleet and improves service network constantly.Read more

    As of the year 2015, with a fleet size of over 27,000 units, DRD offers you the possibility of a wide selection out of 140 different models in 34 different brands.

  • Professional Consulting Services

    Professional Consulting Services

    Specialist DRD staff, informing customers at the stage of vehicle choice in a comprehensive manner about the segment, brand and model options, by evaluating the details of your business model, creates the package of operational fleet management services that suits you best.Read more

    With the consulting services provided by DRD professionals, product and service package alternatives that will meet your expectations and needs at the highest level are offered to you.

  • 7/24 DRD Assistance Yol Yardım Hizmetleri

    24/7 DRD Assistance Roadside Assistance Services

    In damage notification and emergency cases, by calling (0212) 911 1 724 numbered DRD Road Assistance Helpline 24 hours a day 7 days, you can benefit from a broad range of services such as towing, recovery, going on a trip, accommodation if necessary, medical assistance and the like.

  • Periyodik Bakım ve Onarım Hizmeti

    Periodic Maintenance and Repair Services

    DRD, with 1,300 contracted service points all around Turkey, offers you in a widespread geography, with the goal of customer satisfaction, reliable and fast services in high quality standards. Under the brand's innovative applications, to enable you to receive service quickly and effortlessly in periodic maintenance operations, an application has been implemented allowing you to receive maintenance password automatically via SMS. Additionally, DRD’s IOS and Android app DRDrive allows you to set  the periodic maintenance operations with a single click.Read more

    DRD, providing fast, affordable and flexible solutions in the periodic maintenance and repair services with its advanced infrastructure and online / real-time connection network, ensures continuity of customer satisfaction with its services offered in the same corporate brand standards across the country.

  • Claims Management

    Claims Management

    Claims management for the vehicles which you receive operational fleet management services is carried out quickly and safely by DRD's contracted service network covering all regions of Turkey and a team of specialists. DRD, providing an online / real time link with service points over their software with its systems with the latest technology and advanced infrastructure, provides services in high quality standards by following all procedures in an effective and timely manner.

  • Yedek Araç Hizmeti

    Replacement Car Service

    DRD's professional fleet management approach, in each case allows you to continue your work uninterruptedly. Throughout Turkey, when you cannot continue on the road for any reason related to your vehicle, DRD provides you with a vehicle that suits your needs best through an extensive service network.

  • Araç Transferi Hizmeti

    Car Transfer Service

    Through DRD's owned vehicle transfer network across the country and strong partnerships, if included in your contract coverage, as you can get the vehicles which you made operational leasing in locations you have requested, in exchange for consideration particularly advantageous to you, in situations such as summer vacation, etc., while you provide your reach in a different way, your vehicle is transferred to where you go and made available to you.

  • Lastik Yönetim Hizmeti

    Tire Management Service

    DRD, providing service with contracted tire services of more than 300 units throughout Turkey, offers you services that make your life easier with tire supply, exchange and storage services. DRD, in accordance with the technical specifications determined by the manufacturer brands, prefers the tires of the leading brands in the industry.

  • OGS / HGS Yönetimi

    OGS / HGS Management

    DRD, if you choose, by offering HGS / OGS (automatic toll collection systems) Management services, will perform with its expert team bureaucratic and operational processes related to provision of equipment and tags for your vehicles on your behalf and allows you to easily benefit from these services.

  • Raporlama Hizmeti

    Reporting Service

    Thanks to Fleet Reporting Services, you can examine the detailed information about your fleet quickly and effortlessly. By accessing easily many data records you may need such as the number of vehicles in your fleet, brand distribution, technical specifications, service records, traffic fines and the like, you can provide effective management of your fleet and control of expenditures.

  • Kurumsal Kimlik Uygulama Hizmeti

    Corporate Identity Application Service

    The application activity of corporate identity on vehicles which are used extensively around the world for many years, has become in recent years a more and more preferred promotional tool in our country. In these applications having different methods including complete vehicle wraps, on-vehicle logo application, regional vehicle wraps, not to damage the car and the application to be sound, the work to be performed by a professional organization and effective follow-up of operational processes required is of great importance.Read more

    DRD, carries out on your behalf the processes such as the preparation of permission writings to the relevant authorities, necessary operational processes to be carried out by teams of experts, completion of traffic inspection procedures, making the necessary records to the traffic records in accordance with your preferences in this process. And you can enjoy driving your vehicle safely and effortlessly in traffic as an indicator of your corporate identity.

  • Filo Takip Hizmeti

    Fleet Tracking Service

    With fleet tracking services you can benefit according to your preference, you can optimize your workflow by continuously following the vehicles in your fleet 24 hours a day / 7 days. According to preferred fleet tracking packages, you can effortlessly access through special software to many data such as the current location of vehicles, driving characteristics of drivers, vehicle maintenance / repair status and the like, thus saving time and unnecessary costs, you can provide an effective fleet management.

  • Güvenli Sürüş Eğitimleri

    Safe Driving Training

    In order to minimize losses experienced in the traffic environment which is one of the most important problems of our country, DRD, in order to transfer with professional partners safe and economical driving techniques with theoretical and practical applications, offers safe driving training services.Read more

    While increasing traffic awareness of your employees with safe driving training, training is given by qualified instructors on issues such as to improve personal driving skills, provide the correct driving habits, transfer the precautions against possible accidents, teach the techniques to overcome loss of control likely to be encountered in adverse weather and road conditions as well as attitudes, behaviors and perception of risk in traffic environments.

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