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Operasyonel kiralama kurumsal araç kiralama

Purchase/Leasing Comparison

Purchase/Leasing Comparison

Satınalma/Kiralama Karşılaştırma

Operational fleet management is a system that offers advantages for solving the vehicles needs of the companies with a professional business partner without using its resources and without performing a separate investment in human resources.

While purchasing vehicles only in the purchase option, in operational fleet management are received also a comprehensive consultancy and fleet management services.

Moreover, with fast and flexible solution alternatives of DRD Fleet Leasing appropriate for your business model, you can enjoy having the car only.

In case of operational leasing, you are not required to make large investments for the purchase of vehicles and have to deal with the problems related to your fleet. Those hiring company vehicle from DRD Fleet Leasing, readily identify with DRD consultancy the alternatives that best meet their needs and expectations out of a wide range of vehicles of every make and model. From the moment they received their vehicles, they start enjoying the privileges of a professional operational leasing services by entering under a comprehensive umbrella of protection.

Our mission as DRD Fleet Leasing is just not limited to offering you the vehicle subject to leasing.

The services we provide, beyond the provision of the vehicle you have requested, includes as well a comprehensive service pack under the heading "operational fleet management" that make your life easier and enable you continue your activities without interruption.

While we manage your fleet, all you simply do is to focus on your business.

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