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News From DRD

The sales target of 1 million units

The sales target of 1 million units
Structuring its future strategy on "private long term car rental", DRD will reach to a vehicle park of 32 thousand units with an investment of TL 1,3 billion in 2016. DRD General Manager İlkay Ersoy said, "We are targeting a double growth with the acceleration to be provided with private long term car rental, in addition to the operational leasing services, during the next 3 years, and we believe the psychological limit of 1 million units in the automotive sector sales will be surpassed very soon with the generalization of this method."

DRD, the largest company with hundred percent national capital in Turkey's operational leasing industry, directs its investments to private long term rental. The 5-year investment plan is completed for the private long term rental, which is considered as the growth strategy of the company. Increasing its vehicle fleet to 26 thousand units with an investment of TL 945 million last year, DRD will make an investment of TL 1,3 billion in 2016 and increase the number of its vehicle park to around 32 thousand units.

DRD General Manager İlkay Ersoy stated that this investment has been guided with the market surveys they have carried out, and that several financial and operational burdens are eliminated with private long term rental. Ersoy emphasized that they have created a unique alternative solution for the consumers by eliminating with private long term rental the items such as insurance, car insurance, servicing, repair, tires, second-hand value loss etc., in addition to the initial investment cost while buying a car.

Indicating that there are 7,5 million personal passenger cars in Turkey and 5 million of them are consisted of vehicles with an age of less than 10, Ersoy stated that they will lead the development of a brand new market in Turkey in line with the trends in the world through the rental options for 2 and 3 years for the individuals.

Ersoy stated that they are aiming a double growth with the volume to be provided with the private long term car rental, in addition to the operational leasing services, and said, "We believe the psychological limit of 1 million units in the automotive sector will be surpassed very soon with the acceleration to be provided with private long term rental."

We are offering advantages that the people cannot achieve on their own
Reminding that they have reached to a significant size in the rental industry which they are operating for 17 years, İlkay Ersoy stated that they are offering several advantages to the people, which they cannot achieve on their own, with the information, knowledge and capacity of DRD. Ersoy continued, "With our vehicle park of more than 26 thousand units today, our customer penetration of more than 6 thousand, and our contracted service points of more than one thousand and 200 throughout the country, only last year we have performed 80 thousand periodic maintenances, 25 thousand damage transactions, 4 thousand road assistance services, and 55 thousand tire replacements. On the other hand, we have become one of the leasing companies making the biggest contribution to the automotive industry with 13 thousand 300 new vehicles we bought in 2015. We are working with expert professionals in order to manage such a big volume, and we work for much better costs compared to the personal purchases with scale economy. When the individuals rent a car from us, they receive service from our expert professionals all around Turkey, while they benefit from the cost advantages brought by the size of our fleet. Moreover, we assume all operational and financial burdens of the vehicles, while our customers enjoy the vehicle they rent."

One of every 4 vehicles sold in the USA and Europe is a rental vehicle
Stating that one of every 4 vehicles old in the USA and Europe is rental vehicle, Ersoy indicated that Turkey has a significant potential in this aspect in the coming period. Ersoy continued, "As in the entire world, automobiles are drawing away from being an investment instrument in Turkey. Private long term rental represents a significant potential in Turkey. The new automobile sales figures have reached to 600 thousand units during the recent years. The individuals, however, are required to deal with processes such as traffic insurance, car insurance, winter tire or service and damages etc. on their own after buying the vehicle. And this makes individuals to think less about buying an automobile. We will use this potential in private long term rental with correct timing and correct pricing.”

Differentiated products and services for occupational groups
DRD has taken the first step within the scope of "private long term rental" service, which it has restructured within the scope of its targets, by communicating with the professional associations. Cooperating with the Turkish Medical Association, which has 90 thousand members throughout Turkey, DRD makes a call to other professional associations for offering a special service to their members according to their needs. Also communicating with the individuals outside the professional associations, DRD aims offering this service first to one thousand and 500 people in 2016. DRD aims a double growth within 3 years with private long term rental, and plans increasing its asset size to more than TL 3,5 billion.

DRD continues with its growth in operational leasing
İlkay Ersoy stated that they estimate a 15 percent growth in the operational leasing industry of Turkey in 2016, and said, "It's being estimated that the number of vehicles still owned by the companies throughout Turkey is around 2,5 million units. Operational leasing companies just have a share as small as 10 percent in such a market. With this perspective, we can tell that our industry still has a growth potential of ten times more." İlkay Ersoy continued, "Our flagship for our 5-year targets will be corporate fleet leasing once again. Long term rental awareness now increase in entire Anatolia, not only in big cities like Istanbul, Ankara, and İzmir. Accordingly, in the operational leasing field in 2016, we will be offering modular service packages where our customers can buy only the service they need, in addition to our packages that will meet all needs of our customers. We will bring this level also to our private long term rental services."

Luxury automobile is not a dream
İlkay Ersoy stated that they will offer special services to the drivers, who prefer the private long term rental system, just enjoying their drive without thinking about any burden to be caused by the automobile. Ersoy indicated that fuel discount is one of the most important privileges among these services, and also stated that, if requested by the drivers within the scope of the services offered by DRD, the drivers would drive a higher class automobile, which they have dreamed of, through private long term rental.

About DRD;
DRD Fleet Leasing, which was founded in 1998 by pioneering the development of the operational fleet leasing sector in Turkey, is serving today with a fleet of approximately 25 thousand vehicles, more than one thousand and 200 contracted service points throughout the country, and more than 5.000 customers in every sector. Turkey's largest fleet leasing brand with hundred percent national capital, DRD adds value to its customer portfolio with its long term strategic plans, and its service insight beyond the expectations. DRD, the brand of firsts in the sector, expands the scope of its service with the target of offering its know-how in the operational leasing field to the individuals with its more than 17 years of sector experience, broad service network, and strong infrastructure throughout the country. DRD promises a professional leasing experience as the "pioneering brand with corporate competence" in the basic processes of the sector, and allows its customers to experience this privilege with a service insight beyond the expectations.
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