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Digitalization lies behind the future of leasing

Digitalization lies behind the future of leasing
Received Digital Pioneer of Turkey Award within the scope of Accenture Digitalization Index assessment with its innovative marketing applications and technology investments, DRD Fleet Leasing continues with its digitalization investments through its technology based marketing applications including user oriented website, Filomatik service, and DRDrive mobile application.

In addition to its vehicle investments, DRD Fleet Leasing, the biggest 100% domestic capital company of the Turkish operational leasing industry, continues with its technology investments facilitating the lives of the users in line with the digital age. Stating that 2015 has been a year where DRD has grown permanently with an investment of 940 million TL, DRD General Manager İlkay Ersoy said, "We maintained our position as the biggest 100% domestic capital company in the Turkish operational leasing industry by increasing our fleet size to 27 thousand units." İlkay Ersoy pointed out that the number of their customers has exceeded 5 thousand and the number of service points throughout the country has exceeded 1.300 while their service network expands, and said, "According to the evaluations made by the Capital and Fortune Magazines, we maintained our position among the top 500 companies of Turkey. We have received "digital pioneer of the industry" award for our investments to technology with the assessments made by the international Accenture company, as well as by the well-established universities in Turkey."

Only brand receiving the award

Reminding that DRD Fleet Leasing is the only brand awarded within this scope in the operational leasing industry, İlkay Ersoy continued, "Our primary strategy is to directly contact with the customers in the market, and to continuously and sustainably grow our sales and service network to be closer to them more than ever. I would like to separately mention about our online reporting module Filomatik and our mobile road assistance application DRDrive offering a great convenience to our customers as a brand continuously investing to technology with the aim of offering a service quality beyond the expectations of the customers. We are making a difference in the industry with our online reporting module Filomatik allowing our customers to access to any data related to their fleets at any time and at any place. DRDrive mobile application offering road assistance services to the drivers with a single click is another important innovation we provided to the industry. Offered for free of charge to the users of smartphones with iOS and Android operating system, DRDrive provides support with a single click by detecting the location of the vehicle through GPS in case of any situation requiring emergency action such as a breakdown or accident. This system also allows requests such as periodical servicing or tyre replacement."

Operational leasing is the flagship

İlkay Ersoy stated that corporate fleet leasing will be the flagship of DRD once again for the next five years, and said, "In 2015, the Turkish operational leasing industry has added approximately 123 thousand new vehicles to the fleet, representing 17 percent of the new and unused cars in our country. Number of vehicles in the industry's fleet has reached to 277 thousand 225 in 2015, with a 17% growth compared to the year end of 2014. The Turkish operational leasing industry has made a vehicle investment of approximately 8,5 billion TL, and its asset size has exceeded 18 billion TL in 2015. During the last five years, the operational leasing market has grown by 19 percent in average, well over the Turkish economy. This is a clear indicator that the recognition level of operational leasing service has increased. We will be buying 15 thousand new vehicles until the end of 2016, thus will be making an investment bigger than the total vehicle pool of several companies in the leasing industry.

Targets of DRD for 2016 in figures

  • • Individual sales: 1.500
  • • Corporate sales: 12.500
  • • Targeted vehicle pool: 32.000 (Corporate + Individual)
  • • Vehicle investment quantity: 14.000
  • • Vehicle investment amount: 1,1 billion TL
  • • Asset size: 2,2 billion TL
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