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DRD Draws Attention To Traffic Safety With "Hey"

DRD Draws Attention To Traffic Safety With "Hey"
Aiming to increase traffic awareness in Turkey within the scope of "Live Safely (Hayatı Emniyetli Yaşa) - HEY!" Project, DRD joined forces with Demir Bükey Academy and prepared a video providing vital information to the drivers for preventing the traffic accidents particularly increasing the holidays period.

DRD, Turkey's biggest 100% domestic capital company in the operational leasing industry, aims increasing the traffic awareness and safety in Turkey with its "HEY!" (Live Safely / Hayati Emniyetli Yaşa) corporate social responsibility project. In order to prevent the losses during the holidays, where the traffic accidents in Turkey increase significantly, DRD has prepared a video with the safe driving expert Mete Bayrakçı, the General Manager of Demir Bükey Academy, within the scope of HEY! Project. Providing vital information on safety to the drivers in holidays traffic, Mete Bayrakçı explained some basic information which the drivers should be careful about.

Assuming an important responsibility on traffic safety with a fleet of 30 thousand vehicles today, DRD aims significantly reducing the traffic accidents with HEY! Project developed in this context. The first video film prepared within the scope of HEY! Project draws attention to the vital issues which the drivers should be careful about at the holidays traffic.

Vital rules highlighted by DRD, which the drivers should be careful about in the eve of holidays, are listed as follows:

  • • Do not forget to have a complete servicing for your vehicle before you depart for the holidays,
  • • In addition to the mechanical servicing of the vehicle, make sure that the equipment you will need throughout your travel such as wiper system, lighting equipment, signals etc. operates seamlessly,
  • • It is vital that the tread depth of the tyres, the vital connection of your vehicle with the road, and the air pressure values of tyres are adjusted correctly. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises such as blow-out of tyres during your travel, do not forget to check the air pressure of your spare tyre which loses 1-2 PSI (air) every month!
  • • Plan your route before you depart,
  • • Do not have any free-standing object/belonging within the vehicle. Do not forget that such an object/belonging would cause a very big danger with an impact of 40 times of its weight in case of a collision only at 70 km/h speed!
  • • Have a break at every 2-hour during your travel,
  • • Make sure that you and all passengers put on their safety belts during the travel. Ensure that the children and babies sit on seats suitable to their age and weight,
  • • Avoid unnecessary arguments with the passengers within the vehicle or the drivers of other vehicles during your travel. Do not try to give lesson to anyone at the traffic,
  • • Take all required measures before turning a bend on bendy roads. Avoid over speed and braking while turning a bend.

You can watch the video explaining these rules in more detail from the following link:
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