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Mobile Services

Mobile Services

Mobil Hizmetler

DRD makes the life of drivers and fleet managers easier with its mobile applications implemented in scope of technological investments. The applications enable easy access with just one button to DRD Assistance roadside services in emergency cases such as breakdowns or accidents.

Standing out with its investments in information technology and new customer-oriented marketing practices, DRD offers mobile roadside assistance application DRDrive to your service. With the application which can be downloaded for free via Appstore and Google Play Store to your mobile phones running IOS or Android operating system, in cases that require immediate intervention, such as breakdowns and accidents, you can access DRD Assistance roadside services with the help of a single button. In addition, you can effortlessly fulfill your needs such as getting your periodic maintenance password or requesting a tire. Considering all the needs that may occur in an emergency situation and the constraints which you can be located in, the DRDrive that has been developed with completely "user-oriented" applications gives you great ease and speed in all your processes.
After you download the application to your smart phone, by identifying your vehicle and profile information through "membership menu";

  • You can easily make a breakdown or accident notification with the help of a single button.
    You can learn about immediate interventions and necessary precautions that should be taken first in case of accidents and breakdowns.
    You can get your periodic maintenance password with a single button.
    You can submit your tire request with a single button.
    In case of damage based on declaration, you can send us with ease all the details such as photos, scene details, etc. required to make the statement related to your vehicle to DRD Customer Services.
    You can immediately deliver your tow truck and courtesy vehicle requests.
    Without the need to provide address directions, you can easily report your location with your smart phone's GPS system.
    By reaching the contact details of the nearest contracted service point, if you desire, you can get directions regarding the location through the system.
    You can access the manual providing information about how the accident report should be filled.
    You can access emergency telephone numbers of police, ambulance, fire department, gendarmerie, etc., and contact information.
    You can access DRD's User's Guide that contains the procedures to follow in case of emergency and a Vehicle Return Guide.
    You can access driving safety guides including important information that should be taken into consideration in various weather conditions.
Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps
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