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Useful Information

Vehicle Return Guide

At the end of the lease term, before returning your vehicle, you need to pay attention to the points available in this section.

Accident Report

In accordance with the Road Traffic Act 2918 and Road Traffic Regulation, in traffic accidents resulting in property damage only, the "Assessment Report of Property Damage Traffic Accidents" application which will be filled in by the free will of the Parties, is used from April 1, 2008.

"Assessment Report of Property Damage Traffic Accidents", in accidents resulting in property damage only, if desired to resolve the problem in agreement with the other driver or drivers involved in the accident without informing the police or gendarmerie, the minutes must be filled out completely and signed. For any further information and assistance, you can call our 24/7 DRD Assistance Road Helpline numbered 0850 911 1 724.

Whereas you can find in the rest of the text, the information about the situations where the "Assessment Report of Property Damage Traffic Accidents" shall not be issued and in which manner it should be filled in, it can be found on the DRD Rental Car User's Guide located in the glove compartment of your vehicle.

In which cases the "Assessment Report of Property Damage Traffic Accidents" should not be edited?

In the following situations, the Assessment Report of Property Damage Traffic Accidents (negotiated minutes), should be held not by the parties involved in the accident, but by the traffic police or gendarmerie (if the scene of an accident is within the gendarmerie district).

  • In the absence of, driver's license, or the license in the class required for the vehicle used.
  • If the driver is drunk, or there is doubts about the mental health,
  • If one or more of the vehicles involved in the accident belong(s) to public institutions,
  • As a result of the accident, if damage occurred in public property or only in a commodity of a 3. party,
  • In cases where a traffic insurance is not available or its duration is finished for one or more of the vehicles involved in the accident,
  • If the accident is resulted in death and / or bodily injury,

Despite one or more of the conditions referred to valid, however, if the Assessment Report of Property Damage Traffic Accident is arranged, please note that this report will be void and the cost of repair related to damage will be billed to your company.

How the "Assessment Report of Property Damage Traffic Accidents" should be filled?

  • In the fields numbered 1 and 2 must be written the information related to the time and place where the accident occurred.
  • In the field numbered 3, the contact information of the witnesses, if available, must be written
  • In the fields numbered 4, 5 and 6, information related to the driver, vehicle and the traffic insurance policy.
  • In the field numbered 7 included are some information about the accident details. Of those information, mark the suitable one with (X) Although not mandatory to fill in the field numbered 7, it is recommended to be filled in since it will enable the insurance company to evaluate the incident in a short period of time.
  • The field numbered 8 must be filled in if the vehicle from abroad is involved in the accident. In this field, the information about the vehicles having Green Card document in lieu of traffic insurance must be written.
  • In the field numbered 9, there are various motor vehicles. On the vehicle which is appropriate, the vehicle's place where it gets the first hit should be marked.
  • Draw in the field numbered 10, a sketch of the place and time where the accident took place. On the sketch, main street and street name must be specified, the direction of the vehicles to be marked, vehicles must be identified as vehicle A and vehicle B, and road lines should be drawn.
  • In the field numbered 11, drivers' opinions about the accident should be written. In case the space allocated is insufficient, using a white sheet more of the opinions can be written, and this sheet must be attached to the minutes.
  • The field numbered 12 must be signed by drivers. Not signed the minutes are invalid.

When the mandatory fields on the minutes are fully and completely filled in, the report becomes valid. Otherwise, the report will be considered invalid. In cases where the report is considered invalid, the repair costs related to the damage will be invoiced to your company.

You can download the "Mobile Accident Report", an application which was prepared by the Insurance Information and Supervision Center, to your smartphone for free, and make an official record online quickly and easily.

User's Guide

You can access this section for documents and helpful information that you may need during journeys you will perform with DRD assurance.

Safe Driving

Yola Çıkmadan ÖnceBefore Departing

Yola Çıkmadan Önce
  • Before you hit the road, definitely check your vehicle's;
    • Tire pressures,
    • Lighting and warning lights,
    • Wipers,
    • Ventilation system,
  • Fasten your seat belt and ensure that the other passengers in the car wearing a seatbelt,
  • In the car, do not leave any belongings which can move, such as pens, umbrellas, box of handkerchiefs, etc.,
  • Keep your low beam headlights on definitely also during the day,
  • While driving, give your attention to the way only,
  • Always comply with traffic rules,
  • Do not drive drunk,
  • When driving, always keep enough space between you and the vehicle in front,
  • Reduce your speed before entering the bend, avoid sudden and abrupt maneuvers.

Karlı Havalarda Güvenli SürüşSafe Driving in Snowy Weather

Karlı Havalarda Güvenli Sürüş
  • Before you begin driving, do clean the snow on your vehicle. Please note that, the snow you left on the roof may restrict your vision by falling on the windscreen at the braking moment, as well as may cause adverse effects on the vehicle behind you in the form of blizzard caused by the wind,
  • Reduce your speed and increase your following distance to at least 6 seconds,
  • Without winter tires or chains on your vehicle, definitely do not go on the way,
  • If there is icing on the glass, do not run wipers. Besides damaging your glass and wiper, icing will spread to all the windows and your vision will be reduced to zero, in such cases, first try to solve the ice by running the heater,
  • Please note that, the loose snow about to melting away on the road surface will slide more than hard snow,
  • Day or night, during snowfall main beam makes reflection, so do put your low beam headlights on,
  • Pay attention to pedestrians in slippery road sections. Please note that, pedestrians are also adversely affected by the snow conditions and their viewing angles are reduced; in addition, while crossing the road or in narrow road sections pedestrians may fall in front of your vehicle, so do reduce your speed,
  • Evaluate icy road sections in advance and reduce your speed. Especially in sunless road sections, on bridges and viaducts, at higher elevations, in wind fields and leafy forest sector full of woods, be prepared to do against icing,
  • On icy road surfaces, in all movements such as steering, gas, brake and the release of clutch in manual vehicles, avoid harsh and abrupt maneuvers.

Yağmurlu Havalarda Güvenli SürüşSafe Driving in Rainy Weather

Yağmurlu Havalarda Güvenli Sürüş
  • During overtaking, intense rain water and mud coming through your window from the vehicle you are passing by not to restrict your vision, run the wipers at the highest speed,
  • Keep your low beam headlights on continuously,
  • On intense rainy and muddy roads, clean headlights, taillights, signals and brake lights at certain intervals,
  • Once having entered the pond, to dry wet brake pads gently press the brake a short time,
  • In rainy weather, pressing the gas too much, to brake sharply, turning the steering wheel in an abrupt manner and rapid withdrawal of the foot from the clutch starts sliding movement easier, so especially avoid such movements.
  • At the moment the rain first starts, dust and oils that have accumulated on the road surface makes the road even slippery, in these minutes slow down your speed and avoid sudden movements,
  • When entering in rain puddles accumulated during rainfall, aquaplaning (gliding on the water) event occurs. In such cases, hold the steering wheel firmly and by pulling your foot from the gas, press the brakes very slowly to decelerate,
  • Have your car's air conditioning system cleaned. In particular, to prevent your window making condensation, use glass ventilation ducts and keep them open continuously. Do not lay carpets or similar covers and do not put any belongings on the vehicle body,
  • Set the internal circulation button mostly available in air-conditioned cars in a manner to receive the outside air. If this button is set in internal circulation, the glass of your car will make a lot of condensation.

Sisli Havalarda Güvenli SürüşSafe Driving in Foggy Weather

Sisli Havalarda Güvenli Sürüş
  • Put your low beam headlights and front fog lights on absolutely. One of the mistakes made while driving in fog is the putting long beam of the headlights on. When main beam headlights illuminated, front misty region becomes a wall of light and prevents your vision,
  • While on the move, do not put your hazard warning flashers on. Please remember that the hazard flashers are needed to put on only in case of a hazard and when the vehicle is stopped.
  • Do increase your following distance. Foggy environment reduces your viewing distance as well as, since it is formed from water vapor, wets the way and increase your braking distance compared to that on a dry surface,
  • Follow the signs on the roadside, not the line located in the middle of the road. Deleted road lines misled you as it could lead to danger as well as a driver coming from the opposite direction could be following the line in the middle of the road,
  • No matter how cold is the weather, always open the glass of the vehicle. Thus, as you can easily hear the audible warning of other vehicles, can prevent the formation of condensation on glass as well,
  • When using the vehicle in foggy weather, except much compulsory cases, do not make overtaking. In foggy weather, visibility and speed will decrease accordingly, and more likely is to come nose to nose with the opposite vehicle. However, if you need to overtake, do absolutely the necessary warning with lights and horns,
  • If you need to stop at the roadside for any problem due to foggy weather, absolutely put your hazard warning flashers on and for the drivers behind you to be able to recognize you, unconditionally place a reflector 100 meter beck from the vehicle,
  • Fog, especially on city roads will also prevent pedestrians to be seen. So, go slow on city roads especially in foggy weather, do stop at intersections and move out after you make sure that no one comes after you.

Sıcak Havalarda Güvenli SürüşSafe Driving in Warm Weather

Sıcak Havalarda Güvenli Sürüş
  • Be sure that your clothes are comfortable and lightweight as much as possible,
  • Prior to the trip and during the trip do not consume heavy and fatty foods and avoid drinks that can cause drowsiness such as buttermilk,
  • During the cruise, prefer to use air conditioning instead of continuously opening windows, make refresh interior air at regular intervals,
  • During daytime cruises, prefer polarized sunglasses. Please note that a large proportion of traffic accidents take place at sunny noon hours,
  • In daytime cruises, in order to be seen better and to be noticed in the traffic environment, do put your low beam headlights on,
  • Prefer thin-soled and comfortable shoes so that you can feel the pedals. Definitely not drive with slippers or sandals,
  • Especially in the summer and dry weather, pay attention to the increasing road construction work in our country. Use vehicles more carefully on gravel and stabilized roads.
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