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DRD Received Internationally "Investable" Rating

DRD Received Internationally "Investable" Rating
Rated as "investable" since 2011 by the international rating agencies, DRD has been simultaneously rated by S&P and Fitch Ratings as the only "publicly available rating and national level investable" company in the operational leasing industry.

Turkey's largest operational fleet leasing brand with all domestic capital, DRD registered its steady development with the rating reports published by the international credit rating agencies S&P Global Ratings and Fitch Rating Services. Fitch Ratings rated DRD's consolidated structure within "investable" category and determined its national long term rating as "BBB-" and the outlook related to that rating as "Stable". Also rated as "BBB" and "Stable by the S&P Global Ratings Services, DRD has become the only company with "public and national level investable" level rating simultaneously from two individual companies in the operational leasing industry.

Stating that the brand's success is also reflected in its operational and financial indicators, Ersoy has pointed out the importance of this situation by saying, "We continue with our sound growth through stable investments."

Ersoy also said, “Further improving its sound financial structure, our company has increased its credibility and ability to access to the fund resources in 2016. We are content that our financial and operational achievements are rated with concrete and independent measurements. We have displayed the national record of our achievements in these fields by maintaining our existence in "Turkey's Top 500 Companies" lists of Capital and Fortune magazines. And we have proved our success once again in the international arena by being elected as the first and largest operational fleet brand with all domestic capital rated as "publicly available rating and national level investable" simultaneously by S&P and Fitch Ratings Services in the operational leasing industry. In addition to our pioneering steps in the industry, we will continuously increase our services and investments with the brand trust provided by these achievements."
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