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Launched by pioneering the personal leasing market, OneCar has completed the year 2017 with a growth over the expectations.

OneCar completed the year 2017 with a growth over the expectations and reached to a vehicle park of 4.500 vehicles within a short period of time.

If you are reading these lines now, you most likely dream of owning an automobile or have a model in your mind. Granted that it is not that easy to own a vehicle in our country. When you buy a model, then the usage costs kick in and several factors from fuel to taxes, maintenance to insurance increase the burden of the vehicle on the owner. Besides, there is another factor which is replacement. Buying a vehicle for investment purpose is no longer available. In other words, the vehicle starts losing value immediately after the license plate is attached on the vehicle. Now imagine that you are exempted from all the costs except fuel, that you do not have to spend lots of money to buy the vehicle you dream of, that you can use any vehicle you desire for any period you want, and that you can easily switch into another vehicle when the time comes.

DRD’s personal annual leasing brand OneCar stands out when you dream of such a world. In the OneCar system, individuals can lease any vehicle they want for 24 or 36 months, just like the companies do, and all they need to do is to enjoy riding the vehicle thanks to the professional services offered.

Such that, Levent Gençağa, DRD Brand Management and Corporate Communication Manager, makes an important claim that no one would want to own an automobile in the future. Gençağa says, “At DRD, Turkey's largest operational fleet leasing brand with all domestic capital with a sector experience of 20 years and a vehicle park of more than 35 thousand vehicles, we are closely following the transformation both in the automotive industry and the leasing world. Accordingly, the big markets, where the global trends arise from, clearly shows what the developing markets such as Turkey should expect in the future. Today, the “ownership” concept leaves its place to “access” and use” concepts.”

Considering the situation in the world, particularly in the USA, we see that Gençağa is right. An important part, 35 percent, of the new vehicles registered at the USA is used with personal long term leasing method. In the US market where 17,5 million vehicles are sold, the personal annual leasing increases by 4,4 percent every year. If it continues at the same rate, one of every five vehicles registered during the next 5 to 10 years will be a long term leased vehicle. OneCar has been established as one of the pioneering and strongest personal annual leasing investments in Turkey. The year 2017 has been much better than expected for OneCar and it has reached to a vehicle park of 4.500 vehicles within a short period of time.

So, what were the factors that contributed to the success of OneCar within such a short period of time? Above all, if you are driving a new car, you just pay for monthly fixed leasing fees, you can easily replace your vehicle within 2-3 years, you are not required to pay all the costs required for buying a vehicle, you have a complete service package including motor insurance, insurance, maintenance, tire, road assistance and even replacement vehicle services without paying any extra fee, you do not assume the second-hand value loss of the vehicle, and you can easily change the vehicle at the end of the agreement period. Professional supports offered while choosing the vehicle are also available in all processes throughout the leasing period. All you need to do for your dream vehicle is to visit the OneCar website and specify your service details. You can complete the procedures approximately within 30 seconds. Or when you are stranded for any reason, regardless from your location in Turkey, you can easily get service with a single click through OneCar’s iOS and Android mobile road assistance app.

Gençağa indicates that the opportunities provided by OneCar to the individuals are not limited with these; “OneCar has been developed based on the expectations and needs of the individuals for all the processes following the comprehensive market researches conducted. The structure is developed by completely taking the comfort and convenience of individuals into account, and is separated from the common leasing models with the vehicle diversity offered. Regardless from the brand and model, OneCar allows you to access to all passenger car models offered to the market in Turkey through an official distributor or manufacturer with attractive leasing options.”

Although it is a new brand, another interesting application of OneCar is that it does not remain unresponsive against the losses in traffic, which is one of the most important problems of our country. Launching an important corporate social responsibility project on the issue, the brand both offers safe driving training to its customers and organizes free traffic safety seminars by visiting various universities throughout Turkey such as ODTÜ, İTÜ and Koç University in cooperation with Demir Bükey Academy, just like DRD does. It is very striking that such a new brand in the market takes this issue into account.

OneCar appears to have made its mark to the year 2017 with its supports to the leasing and automotive sectors by making a difference, with the advantages it offers to the users, with its operations in the individual leasing market it pioneers, as well as with its significant development potential for the upcoming years. What we all had to do was to give The Vehicle Leasing Company of the Year Award in TopGear Awards 2017.

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