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Excellence Approach

In order to improve our professional and successful efforts, which we have provided to date with the support of all our stakeholders, with "Excellence Approach" and to ensure the sustainability of these results in the future, as DRD Fleet Leasing we undertake to;

We continuously improve our service standards, and manage our processes based on efficiency and effectiveness within this scope.

We support development by optimizing our processes with technological advancements.

We periodically review and prioritize the corporate risks.

We ensure continuous development of our employees by leading them in knowledge, skills, training, and change.

We recognize, appreciate and reward our employees based on teamwork and innovativeness.

We set an example to all of our stakeholders by acting upon social responsibility principle.

We secure our risks within the scope of occupational health and safety rules in order to determine and eliminate in advance the factors that would cause occupational accident and disease within the scope of our services.

We take the environmental factors that might arise due to our operations into account, evaluate environmental pollution factors, and take measures for minimizing them by.

We manage the risk within this scope by acting with information asset approach, and secure information security and business continuity by minimizing the violations.

We evaluate the feedbacks of our customers through fairness, neutrality and privacy principles, and offer solutions for increasing the satisfaction.

We effectively and efficiently use our assets and resources by increasing their life cycle.

We commit complying with our ethical and essential values, and offering services complying with the standards and legislation related to our activities.

General Managerİlkay ERSOY

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