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Safe Driving Training

What is it? Why?
It is a defensive driving training aiming to raise conscious drivers in order to take measure against the risks that might arise in the traffic due to increasing number of vehicles as well as the road and weather conditions.
Why should you get this training?
You should get Safe Driving Training in order to learn about the dynamic properties and limits of your vehicles through applied trainings in areas closed to traffic, including minimizing traffic accidents through individual and corporate trainings and adopting defensive driving principles.
Training Categories
DRD Güvenli Sürüş EğitimleriAutomobile
DRD Güvenli Sürüş Eğitimleri4 x 4
DRD Güvenli Sürüş EğitimleriHeavy Vehicle
DRD Güvenli Sürüş EğitimleriLight Commercial
DRD Güvenli Sürüş EğitimleriFirst Aid
Training Content
Collisions in traffic and losing control, their reasons and measures are taken into consideration within the scope of the training.
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DRD Güvenli Sürüş Eğitimi
Theoretical Training
In addition to traffic safety and raising driver awareness, conditions to be complied with according to the road and weather conditions are provided.
DRD Güvenli Sürüş Eğitimi
Visual Training
Importance of driving the vehicle correctly and problems caused by mistakes while driving are discussed.
DRD Güvenli Sürüş Eğitimi
Alternative driving programs under different conditions, including braking and slippery surface driving, are applied at various tracks on correct seating of the driver, using the steering wheel, acceleration and braking reactions correctly, improving correct maneuver ability and knowing the vehicle better.

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