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DRD aims to become the most preferred organization in its field in Turkey which provided high added value for a sustainable growth, which employs expert professionals, and where all the employees are proud for being a part of the company.
  • Being a member of the pioneering, dynamic and innovative brand of the operational leasing sector in Turkey,
  • Supporting the developing and learning organization culture as a part of the career in DRD,
  • Investing in itself with a managerial staff having a multidimensional perspective,
  • Following and effectively using the technology and keeping pace with the digital media,
  • Maximizing the motivation and job satisfaction with the aimed continuous improvement policy,
  • In short, being an employee of DRD means enjoying the privileges of the business world.
Interview, measurement and assessment methods, personality inventories, case studies and reference check methods are used in the recruitment processes.

The recruitment processes are carried out with internal announcement, career portals, database, reference and consultancy support.

Successful junior and senior university students with a high potential are incorporated into the long term internship program in every June.

Recently graduated candidates are considered and recruited for Assistant Specialist positions as the starting position.

Applications received through career days at the universities and career portals are evaluated according to the requests received from the departments.

If you also want to join DRD, one of the pioneering operational leasing brands in Turkey, to become a member of this big family and to open the doors for brand new career opportunities, then please visit kariyer.drd.com.tr and steer your career as a member.

Trainings for improving the corporate competence and professional qualifications are planned regularly by identify the training needs are identified based on the Performance Assessment and Career Planning data.
DRD aims a fair and performance based compensation policy.

Compensation policy is consisted of market and sector researches, company’s existing compensation structure, compensation policy, individual performance and job level parameters.

Job levels constituting the basis for compensation management system are determined as a result of the job assessments conducted.

It is aimed to improve the personal development and awareness levels by monitoring the competence improvement which is expressed as “expected behavior standards” to achieve the business objectives.

Business performances, career plans, strong and open to development characteristics, and compliance with corporate values of all the employees are monitored in the performance assessment process.

An effective objective distribution is made with the performance management system and it is ensured that the Company’s objectives are communicated to the employees at every level; and it is aimed to measure the personal contributions and success in achieving the objectives, to award these, to identify the qualifications and planning personal developments for the future.

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