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Periodic Maintenance
You can get an appointment from the service you prefer with the password you will get from DRDrive or from the following form, and you can complete all your procedures with this password.
Points to consider related to periodic maintenance:
  • You should get your password after your periodic maintenance warning light of your vehicle turns on.
  • In addition to your password, you will also get the details of contracted and/or authorized services in your city.
  • You should get an appointment from the authorized service you selected for the date you prefer, and you should carry out the procedure with your “Periodic Maintenance Password”.
  • Please remember! Your Periodic Maintenance Password is valid for 5 working days.
  • Before taking your vehicle after the completion of periodic maintenance procedures, please check whether the seal and signatures of the service are available on the maintenance booklet.
Getting a Password with “DRDrive”
drdrive üzerinden şifre alımı

You can get your password by easily following “getting a periodic maintenance password” steps from the DRDrive mobile app on your iOS or Android mobile phones, you can use this password to contact with the authorized service you want and easily get an appointment, and you can seamlessly have your maintenance carried out.

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